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Postby TeaWrecks » Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:32 am

So we have a few other conversations going regarding the current presidential nomination campaigns, but nothing truly addresses the media biased in reporting directly.

I'm initially speaking about the democratic side in this instance.

The way they're trying to influence voters by slanting things towards the DNC's favored candidate (Hillary Clinton) is bullshit. Bernie won, what was it, 2 states at 80/20 and Hillary got one at 60/40, but she's the one who gets headlines? It's biased as fuck.

I made this after I saw the article shared on my friend's Facebook wall this afternoon. It tagged it as Hillary trending (and thus upping her "visibility") when the article mentions her ONCE in passing.


I don't think it's unjust to say that there's a clear biased in the media trying to influence voters to go with a certain candidate. It's bullshit, and I'm really ashamed with the state of journalism currently. Too much money in everyone's hands.

// Discuss.
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Postby AliceElite » Fri Mar 25, 2016 3:47 am

I still can't believe that the take-away for facebook on this article was Hillary Clinton. Like...what the fuck messed up algorithms are there that facebook decided hillary? How is it that I have no hillary supporters on my facebook and YET facebook keeps telling me she's trending? Who is sharing her that she's 'trending'? No one I know.
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Postby Brewtality » Fri Mar 25, 2016 12:36 pm

Bernie Sanders is largely being marginalised by the media in the US. As someone from the outside looking in it's devastating. Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate and would be an awful president. The US grew into it' current position thanks to rampant capitalism. However, it is in such dire need of some socialist policies to try and heal the incredibly damaged society that appears to exist. The USA seems to be a very racially conscious place, but there appears to be very little class-consciousness. 'The Middle Class' seems to encompass everybody from school principles and small business owners to factory labourers. Who positively identifies as working class in the States? The rejection of anything that smells like socialism works very favourably for the ruling class as it keeps those lower down divided and unable to unite against their real common enemy. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate I can remember who is truly coming from a place of fraternity and unity and it's a tragedy that he's being pushed to the sidelines by the establishment who are desperate for Clinton to come in and maintain the status quo.


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