Free Speech Rally in Berkley

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Free Speech Rally in Berkley

Postby Feydakin » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:56 am

As some of you may know there have been many clashes at some conservative talks at college campuses, particularly lately at UC Berkley. The latest was Ann Coulters talk that was eventually cancelled because the college and town was unable (or unwilling) to provide security for the event. What ended up happening was that Rebel Media, an independent Conservative new organization out of Canada decided to hold a rally anyhow to celebrate the First Amendment. Led by Gavin McInnes, it was an impromptu gathering in the city center where previous rallies had been held. Several hundred people showed up. It was pretty peaceful and the crux of the rally had McInnes read the speech that Ann Coulter was supposed to deliver. ... tests.html

Saw a beautiful thing at the free speech rally in Berkley today that was in opposition to them canceling and essentially blocking Ann Coulters speech. During the speaking a woman that lives in Berkley came up that wanted to speak. She started off my saying that she was a registered Democrat, voted for Obama twice and voted for Hillary this past election. She was immediately met with some boos, but a very large biker looking man who was standing up in the speaking area, clearly a Drumpf supporter, MAGA hat and all came up and took the megaphone and said to the assemblage (paraphrasing); "We are here to celebrate the First Amendment. That means we give voice to and allow to speak EVERYONE that wants to be heard, even if and ESPECIALLY if we disagree with them. I came here to protect the right to free speech of anyone and everyone that came here today that wants to speak and THIS lady wants to speak so let's do the right thing and allow her to speak!" To the cheers of everyone in attendance, and the woman was allowed to speak her peace and that was that.

Another thing of note; No antifa showed up, so no violence happened. Even though there were people there opposed to and protesting against the Conservatives that were there, there was no violence. People crossed the divide and were actually having conversations and debates, but no violence. That tells me in no uncertain terms where the violence is coming from...

If anyone wants to watch what happened, many people recorded the bulk of it live today... i will say that I watched the entire thing via several different live feeds, and saw mostly good, if lively and sometimes heated discussions, but NO violence. You know, the way it's supposed to be. ;)

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Re: Free Speech Rallyin Berkley

Postby NaranjaRa » Sat Apr 29, 2017 5:18 pm

as how it should be.

protest, please. i physically cannot, or i would be trying to at least on the weekends.

but don't be a violent, vandalizing ass. i don't care how much you hate corporate society and want to tear it all down, when you're in a giant crowd where you can inadvertently hurt innocents & children, i think you're a coward because you're basically using the equivalent of human shields to get your message across with a sense of anonymity. i've been trying to tell people since the election that it's the anarchists & antifascists (and some smaller rogue groups, sometimes) giving everyone else a bad rep and allowing even MORE misinformation to be spread and used by opposing sides.

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