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Let's whine about work in tech

Posted: Tue Jan 24, 2017 9:21 pm
by cerrodepedro
BUT HEY I ADVISE NO MENTION OF SPECIFIC COMPANIES. Today I'm supposed to be on vacation, but because 1) people are frequently stupid, 2) I needed to confirm that my paycheck was approved, I saw a ridiculous thread of a bunch of stakeholders crying about whose responsibility it was to deliver a root cause analysis of an incident to a customer. This is for a product in the hundred thousand dollar range. Because it's a new product and I was going off of white papers and manuals and such, I made sure to involve folks with higher technical authority. Said folks (people who scream at those below them for bureaucratic, not technical missteps) keep trying to ask me for help.

Anybody have this happen, where you see a fire and you seem to be the only one with the firefighting aircraft even though you're at a pay grade that doesn't compensate that level of responsibility/liability and its accompanying stressors? Anybody resent people for not adhering to simple diagnostic principles, simply because said neglect is insulting to what can be the beauty of troubleshooting, diagnostics, and engineering? Normally, nobody should feel bad for lack of cyborg skills. Unless, in my opinion, with this world of horrific income inequality where people who sacrifice their damned bodies are generally paid nothing, someone is paid a lot to sit in a desk, read shit, write shit, enjoy a regular paycheck that includes money beyond what's necessary for rent/food/medicine. HOW DO YOU DEAL??? N0000000000000BS!!!!!!

Re: Let's whine about work in tech

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 9:13 pm
by Arg
I could write a fucking book about all my gripes about working in Tech.

Latest one is one beancounter drags me into a meeting room and tells me they need to me automate some of their incident work because they are failing service levels.
So we do it. Its great. It works. Detailed MI on whats going wrong on our disgustingly large IT estate. hundreds of computers fixed daily without lifting a god damn finger and without the user ever finding out it was broken. Perfect.
Now Beancounter #2 comes along. Moans at me to turn off the automated script because they get payed per ticket the customer raises for an IT issue.

My last few weeks havn't been too productive after that I spend most of my time contemplating the following:
1) Where hoping for me to fail so they had a fall guy for their failing service levels?
2) How/why do you build a buisness model that only generates money if you fail?
3) Why would any company ever outsource its IT?

I'm going to be a Gardener on my next respawn.

Re: Let's whine about work in tech

Posted: Wed May 10, 2017 9:29 pm
by ghostdogg
Arg wrote:2) How/why do you build a buisness model that only generates money if you fail?

great question! that seems to be the archetype for businesses nowadays...

I, myself, have been working overtime and got called-up during all hours of the night this week. Needless-to-say, people in my office were reluctant to talk to me. /ghost