How to Handle Unemployment.

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Postby Phara » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:56 pm

I'm unemployed. I've never been on unemployment before. I'm struggling with how to view myself. I'm an Egyptian woman and we have very ridiculous, and quite honestly, malignant pride issues.

What I'm doing.

I'm telling myself that every day we're willing to drag ourselves to a fuckin cotton yard and refuse to call out even when we're dying all so we could make a few pennies a year.


I decided this next 4 months totally to myself and Ninja. Unemployment consists of my taxes and I am now paying myself to work on Evolution. That means every day I have to see progress. And then I'm ok with not job hunting. In fact I have a couple of gigs this week that I might have to blow off.

No longer will I look at my passion as my hobby. Ninja is my work. SO I will view it as the ultimate job. If I can give to myself, half what I give a Bossman... then we're ALL good. So... this is my job for the next 4 months :) ... Hang out with me.

How do you handle unemployment?

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Postby Syreeta » Thu Apr 07, 2016 9:08 pm

Hi :)

I think to take some time to focus on your self, and your passions is infact doing the world a service, ultimately.

I don't believe anyone should feel guilt/demoralised by being unemployed for a time.

I've been through this one, and realised that this is where true strength can come into play.

Your worth is not dependant on external circumstances, that is allways in flux.

In my country we have a system which can really beat down those who need the help the most, or treat those 'unemployed' for example as the lowest of the low,..and I am passionate that this is very fucked up!!!

People need nurturing, uplifting, care when they are in vulnerable positions, ..and it is not weakness nor lack of worth to need help or a hand at times.

Infact it is how society should be....instead of forcing oneself or others into positions where they cannot blossom, taking some time if needed should be respected.

Its ok!

It also takes alot of strength to still walk head held high, ..even with 'nothing'...thats true power infact.

True power stays through all circumstances, and a little humilty is not a bad thing know, it gives you great insight.

I could be considered semi unemployed right now...I do some community work at the local retirement village( thats my service aspect which i do as part of my spiritual work putting it briefly ), and selling a few prints, trying to get my passions which are many into a more self sustaining format, aswell as living healthfully etc.

And I'm ok with that, because life employs us. No one is actually un employed unless they choose to be in their own eyes.

I allways have said 'use it all',..use all of it, that life shows us, and see the bigger picture, keep progressing into the vision you hold.

What the world really needs right now is passion, truth, people who are brave enough to 'stop'...and to change direction through taking time to re assess and transform themselves.

These things provide great work ... the challange of how to view yourself is a good one.
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Postby Philly » Sun May 15, 2016 1:44 pm

I don't handle unemployment well. I about lost my mind during maternity leave. I made a lot of blankets & smoked a lot of pot. Pretty much all I could do
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Postby Corgimom » Sun May 15, 2016 3:23 pm

Philly wrote:I don't handle unemployment well.

I was unemployed once. I used the time to make a few thousand build my reputation as an expert posts in my field then bang I was a shoe in everywhere I tried.
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Postby BigMush » Sun May 15, 2016 3:47 pm

Gaming works. That, and trying to learn stuffs, like editing, map making and such.

I now know basic everything :D
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Re: How to Handle Unemployment.

Postby DJ_Darkside » Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:18 pm

Unemployment is like surviving in the forest with nothing but your skills.

What I did to keep myself sane in these circumstances is do at least one thing each day to forward your situation and take weekends off. Even if it's a phone call to some business you think you could get a job in. Do it. Go for a walk to your local Coffee shop and talk to the people working there to see if a manager is in. Ask if they are looking for workers. If you have nothing, any job is a good job because it can always be temporary. I'm pretty sure anyone here could pour coffee. Even part time work because then you have time to work on looking elsewhere while getting a little cash flow. In my country they will at least help with rent even if you have a part time job.

That being said, finding a way to get cash coming in should be your new job. Make 4 different resumes, each one for a different area of work. For instance I have a resume for when I want to apply for a job in the auto industry, the food industry, security and one general resume just showing my latest work experience.

For me, the worst feeling in the world is feeling useless therefore I do everything in my power to not be useless (I use the term loosely). The worst days are spent doing nothing. On the days I had nothing to do I cleaned the fuck out of my place or caught up on unfinished projects bettering myself every day.


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Re: How to Handle Unemployment.

Postby NaranjaRa » Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:28 am

everyone is hitting on some key advice here

i would add that one very important factor to all of what's already been suggested is to make sure you keep a schedule. when you don't *have* to wake up early every day, you tend not to and your schedule can end up drifting. you then can inadvertently end up sleeping through half of the business day when people will tend to want to be in touch with you and vice-versa. self-discipline is critical.

making a schedule for how you handle your day is also helpful, just like when you have a job. set aside the best times for when you will deal with calls & emails versus longer tasks that need your concentration. if you work best late at night, awesome, just make sure you get enough rest to still wake up and handle ur biznizz as well.


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