Vegan-esque living

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Vegan-esque living

Postby Candeeoke » Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:07 pm

I'm coining the term Vegan-esque for myself and others who can't quite be totally vegan but still adopt most of their principles.

For instance, I'm going to eat vegan but I won't be taking the leather seats out of my car. And I'll be buying high quality leather shoes as opposed to ones that wear out horribly.

If I could have a hen in my backyard I would and I would eat her eggs but I won't buy them from the store. I'm done with milk but exploring the world of vegan cheese.

I'm sure I'll occasionally eat some baked goods that aren't vegan when I am out and about but will try really hard to eat vegan when possible.
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Re: Vegan-esque living

Postby Gwenno » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:58 pm

I understand what you mean. We as a family really believe we don't need to eat meat every single day. Vegan is too much so we play around with vegaterainism. We are what 'they ' call choose-a-tarians. We eat vegetarian 2x a week. We basically like eating meat, but when we do, we eat less then we used to. Once upon a time (over 8 years ago) we ate 1 piece of meat pp at dinner. Now most of the time I make 1 or 2 pieces and we share those as a family, we just eat more beans, nuts and veggies every meal. Over the years the meatcuts you buy have been becoming bigger nad bigger. We see no need for that.
We don't drink milk, just because we really don't like it. I only buy it sometimes to make pancakes. We eat vegan cheese, because we have a good choice in those. But we do eat regular cheese as well. Basically, we do the best we can. I'm sure you do too. It's not black and white, it doesn't have to be, we like grey LOL
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