NBA FINALS Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers

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Postby ImmaculateStiletto » Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:03 pm

This has been an interesting NBA FINALS. Definitely two powerhouse teams.

On one side you have Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs. He has a solid supporting cast in Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and Iman Shumpert. And they may be able to pull off an upset even though they are down 3-2. My struggle with the Cavs is mainly Lebron James, which is the reason I don't want them get the ring. I feel like Cleveland is that girlfriend that got dumped and waited patiently and longingly in the wings for him to come back and be with her again. Lebron left Cleveland because he wanted a ring. He didn't want to have to build up a team and then get the ring. He wanted it now now now. Off to Miami he goes and gets 2 rings. Then all of a sudden he decides he's coming back home. And what did Cleveland do, welcome him with open arms. Now I can't be too mad at Cleveland because even though when he left the city was the jaded girlfriend saying he ain't shit, they still loved him and wanted him to return home. Now that he has a solid supporting cast, he is ready to win. But when it would have meant him putting in work and time he bounced. I also can't blame Lebron for wanting something he felt he deserved when he deserved it I just don't respect him for the move. As a team though they have meshed well over these past seasons. I don't know if it will be enough to beat the Warriors as they just seem to be a well oiled machine. Yet with the skills of the 4 mentioned this is a series that could definitely go all the way because the Cavs are not going to give up without a fight. They are in line to win their first championship ring and also stop the Warriors from bringing back to back championships home.

Personally, I think Lebron is a whiny baby that is always in his feelings on the court. Basketball is a contact sport. Yet if you sneeze his way he wants a foul called. How tall and big are you sir? Man up and play the game. Plus its the NBA finals, go hard or go home!!! This is just my opinion though. I have tried to be a Lebron James fan but I just can't jump on that wagon. Don't get me wrong I think he has superb skill and is a great player, just really not a fan of his. I do love some of his sneakers though. So yeah some of my mommy has gone to support him.

On the other side you have Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. He has a supporting cast of Clay Thompson, Andre Iguadala and Draymond Green. Now we all know that Curry is at this time basically the Golden Boy of the NBA (no pun intended) and with his teammate Thompson, together they are known as the Smash Brothers. I have never seen two young men work so well together. When one is having a rough game the other picks up the slack and not in some small manner. Each of them busts out like they just received a star on Super Mario Brothers. Yet if both of them are having a rough time, Iguadala and Green "get into formation" and make it happen along with the bench. As of right now they lead 3-2, and they could have ended it all last night. Yet it seems like the Cavs were a little too much for them. It could also be that Green was suspended 1 game for a flagrant foul, that game being the one last night. So it will be interesting to see if the Warriors can rally and end it all in the next game.

I am definitely a Stephen Curry fan. Not just because of his three point shooting skills, but because he is just an awesome role model and the fairy tale story of young love. Also, he doesn't conform to the NBA. With his little girl being at the after game press conferences with him (an action that drummed up a lot of controversy). He also turned down a deal with Nike because they wouldn't put a scripture on the side of his sneaker. He is now with Under Armour because they followed his dream for his sneaker. Now I know all of us aren't religious or follow the Christian faith, but I still feel it's cool that he wouldn't let big bad Nike compromise him. As a role model, I can say that I do think James is a solid role model and both men, from what I can see are great dads.

It is really all up in the air right now. Does everything end in the next game and the Warriors once again champs? Will the Cavs bring it to 3-3 and one last game will have to be played? It will all be very interesting to see.

I'm going with the Warriors! Who are you rooting for?
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Postby ink » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:13 pm

my friend is going for the Cavs, but i believe its becuz he is a kyrie fan.. but he hates golden state, im not real sure why.. Draymond hails from MSU which is like less than 5 miles away, but he hates them and Draymond.. :lol: i dont follow sports anymore tbh, i feel like the politics get in the way of most sporting events and much of it is about moving money around to get the most elitest of teams so it started to seem like the deck was being stacked. now, there is a lot of politics in sports. its sickening.. now, dont get me wrong, once upon a time, i was serious about armchair quarterbacking n such.. but an older ninja skype sports chat years ago, turned ugly for me and i thought long about the point of that ugly and why it ended with possible friendships destroyed and it was without a point. now i prioritze and many sports, for me, are vain pursuits, so i try to remain neutral. its wild, i used to soak up ESPN on heavy rotation, just super programmed and at the end of the day, week, season.. it meant nothing. :/
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Postby Pawly » Tue Jun 21, 2016 12:32 am

Congrats Cavs. Toronto salutes you bastards.
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Postby PhlawlessPhelon » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:32 am

All this year did was solidify my belief that the NBA is rigged and filled with dirty refs on the take.

ImmaculateStiletto wrote:I think Lebron is a whiny baby that is always in his feelings on the court

I completely agree.
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