Medical Pot -- Have some Questions?

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Medical Pot -- Have some Questions?

Postby Skywalker » Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:28 am

Hey guys,

My go to pot answer guy passed away when my dad died.

While I can google for some of the answers, how do I know if I am getting the right answer, cause well I know next to nothing about pot (is it still called that?)

As many know FL passed Medical usage for MJ in Nov., and I am really thinking about skipping out of moving to Louisville to move back to FL because of my mom who may benefit from the change in laws.

So I was wondering which strains help out with MS and Seizures? My mom suffers from both, but also the medications that she takes has some really bad side effects.

So she is starting to wonder if maybe moving to an area that will allow her to explore this side of treatment might be best. Then she is not sure since she also suffers from COPD, which she currently has meds for, but does not take them regularly (cause she hates how one makes her heart race).

So I not sure what I am really looking for. I guess resorces on this aspect of pot usage and is it a valid treatment for her.

Thanks for any help.. sorry this is vague.
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Re: Medical Pot -- Have some Questions?

Postby Beakedbard » Tue Dec 20, 2016 4:46 am

Generally you want a strain high in CBD (Cannabidol) or other Cannabinoids because that's the stuff that helps with seizures. You should be able to get some form of CBD oil which is generally the best way for people with illnesses to consume it. Lets be honest smoking isn't a good way to consume anything but i have seen other people with MS that it helps a lot and they smoke it. I can only assume the effects from oil would work better but because i haven't seen it first hand nor am I a doctor just have a look into some of the things I've mentioned here I'm not really good for sources apologies for that. If its a state where its legal you should be able to buy CBD oil or other similar things to help with that.
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Re: Medical Pot -- Have some Questions?

Postby NaranjaRa » Wed Dec 21, 2016 6:43 am

i second what Beakedbard said. also there are a lot of alternatives to actually smoking plant material/oil. it's going to take time, but once the state gets going there should be edibles available as well. and not just baked goods, but all varieties of different candies and treats. a vaporizer is the usual choice for folks wanting to reap the medical benefits without the lung damage. so one thing she won't need be concerned about is the "smoking" part. hell, they even make lip balm.

still waiting here in MD for them to implement the system. the law passed in 2014 and we were supposed to have dispensaries this past summer NOPE. the businesses just did finally get approved. at least it sounds like there's going to be something happening in my area and not just in the city (Baltimore)!

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