The Ninja Prayer

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The Ninja Prayer

Postby DJ_Darkside » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:22 pm

This is dedicated to Phara. Thank you for bringing us all together.
This is for all the Ninjas. We see you, we are all beautiful.

I see you,
I really do even if you're not ready to be seen, and that's okay, because I will continue to see you as the light and love that you are no matter the layers under which you are hidden. It's okay, no right, no wrong, simply know that I love you, all of you.
I see you,
Under the heaviness you carry around you like the dark clouds of the sky that cannot fathom when and if the sun will ever shine through for you again.
I see you,
The hurtful conveyances you let roll off your tongue simply to protect yourself from being hurt, to play strong when you truly feel fragile and vulnerable.
I see you,
Thoughts of darkness and never ending pessimism rolling through your beautiful mind like a thundercloud and tornado spiralling downwards into the pits of hell. All this this to increase doubts for all the potentials of your greatness that you have yet to remember. Hindering and slowing your progress of growth all in the name of fear.
I see you,
Layers of clothing covering your beauty in an effort to be unseen, invisible, even unappealing to protect that what was once stolen from you. The innocence that still is you, always within you. I see you armed like a warrior to defend and honour what was not defended in your honour.
I see you,
Screaming and spewing hate at self and others to keep the love that you are protected, at a distance for fear of not being valued and rejected. I see your worth shining through these and oh I am in awe and loving delight of the love that is under your melancholies.
I see you,
The busy ones who has no time to stop because you have much to do. Running around ragged and exhausted to keep your significance alive and real. I am bewildered at the beauty of you just as you are, in your stillness, simply enough as the day your came to life, you radiate with such light that my eyes prick with tears at such wonderment.
I see you,
Long faces, tear stained cheeks seeking the attention of another to acknowledge your presence, to give you what you need to acknowledge your importance. To me your translucent, I see the bright smile shinning from within...oh what a delight and jubilant joy to experience such unique and intrinsic radiance.
I see you,
Strong and stoic, you're the independent over achiever that is a go getter, I will get it all done on my own, I don't need nobody, and I am always Fine soul. I sense your presence, weary, tired and longing to reach out just for a moment of reprieve, to know it's okay to have help and the wholeness of who you are remains as is. I see the collective contributions of such love that of which you are for simply being without doing is deliciously magnificent.
I see you,
Criticism and judgments are your tool of choice to protect what you cannot fathom out of fear of change, out of the pain of blame, shame and guilt. I see the openness that flows through you, which is grace. The appreciation I feel within you is so immense that it cuts my breath, you are breathtakingly beautiful in all your glory and gory.
I see you,
Battling to stay or go, as the suffering from the pain drives you to the point of madness and despair. Yearning for sweet relief in the midst of the inner war raging upon your own soul. It's okay, you're okay, I see your integrity surfacing, helping you to remember who you are. Beckoning you to merge your darkness to your light. Mesmerized, your bliss shines so bright that my heart quivers with compassionate unconditional love for the brave soul that I see before me.
I see you,
Stuffing your face with foods, ingesting chemicals and seeking sweet escape by taking fatal risks to get away from the hurt of feeling inadequate. The dissociation from self, the filling up to your ears for the bittersweet temporary relief from the emptiness that you really feel from the inside out. I rejoice in the overflowing of your brilliant self that touches the souls of others. Your uniqueness that fills the universe with divine love. You are overflowing from within my darlings. You are afraid, but know you're never alone.
I see you,
No matter what you say, what you do, or don't. You can try on many different masks and that's okay, because no matter where you may stumble on your journey I see you, and I will continue to see you through the divinity of that which you are until my eyes can no longer see, and even then I will still continue to recognize you as we are one, you, me and the divine.
The one and the same, uniquely wrapped in different forms but collectively bonded with love as the formless.
I see you, even when you cannot.
To see you anything other than light and love would be to see me, others and the universe as anything other... and that I simply cannot see as I am blinded by the greatness of that which is all of you, and light.
I See You
I Love You
I Appreciate You
I Honour You
I Cherish You
Supporting a nurturing space of tenderness that is inviting You...
To remember to See You,
All of You,
As you are,
Precious souls.
No matter where you are upon your path, meet yourself there as you are in full appreciation for yourself in your totality.
We all struggle, we all have a story, we all matter and this is why I wish to take a moment to honour your journey, to ask you to celebrate yourself right here, right now. You have traveled far and wide, you are brave and courageous beyond what you can see lovely souls.
In the grace of light, in the grace of life, I See You and I invite you to See You.

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. Kurt Cobain

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Re: The Ninja Prayer

Postby NaranjaRa » Wed Jan 25, 2017 2:31 am


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